73cm x 110cm | Oil Cotton Canvas


3 Prints

“([Our notions of violence in society)] reveal above all a psychological and social pathology, which requires care and serious reflection on our priorities. The increase in violence that we observe in Western societies, regardless of age, gender, and social context, is perhaps related to a growing inability to endure the duties society brings upon us and a concerning propensity to confuse universal rights and individual desires. In these conditions, we should question our growing inability to endure frustrations and control our aggressiveness. It is our education that is in question, not our principles. That has to be changed.
For about thirty years, personal development and personal self-satisfaction have taken precedence over respect for others and the common law. This concerns both men and women and has nothing to do with what is happening in other parts of the world where, on the contrary, the law holding back individual
and personal development simply makes no sense. In truth, our societies need to re-learn the notion of duty as much as others, in order to claim our rights. By wanting at all costs to confuse the two contexts, we condemn ourselves not only to powerlessness, but also to injustice. By continually raising awareness about ‘gender violence’, we are guilty of a new sexism which is no more acceptable than what came before.”-Elizabeth Badinter, Philosopher, author and historian.


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