The sexual liberation/revolution began in the 1960s. In many societies, open discussions about sexual pleasure and sensuality are as taboo as the subject of death. However, these are the most natural impulses of any living being. Nowadays, these concepts of sex have been used and abused, perverted and com- modified by our modern society, made vulgar and turned into yet another product.

We, the youth, are at a loss trying to navigate these confusing messages from society. Religions and cultures have been barriers to our understanding of what is the body, love, care, kindness. All these are the foundation of what make us human.

Accepting one’s body leads to self-knowledge and fulfilment, not in an individualistic perspective but as shared vulnerability and intimacy. This requires the appreciation of oneself and therefore of the Other. To be aware, to be sensitive and to listen. We should practice the art of being present, using the sensations of the body as a door to spiritual awakenings.

“The mythological figure of Apsara, the ubiquitous presence of Shiva lingams in Angkorian culture, can become an inspiration to bring back a sexual liberation to our youth, a healthier relationship to one’s body and a deeper of connection.” -Adana Mam Legros.

120cm x 180cm | Oil Cotton Canvas


3 Prints


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