Convivialis, from Latin, relates to the act of living together, eating together and complementing each others’ lives. It corresponds to an attitude, a behavior, a doctrine, an ideology or a theory. It was a French philosophical movement founded and led by the French sociologist Alain Caillé.

“Convivialism is the name given to all past or existing doctrines, secular or religious, which contribute to the search for principles that promote human cooperation and progress, in full awareness of the finite nature of natural resources and with a shared concern and care for the world.


The philosophy of conviviality, the art of living together, is not a new doctrine claiming to cancel or surpass previous doctrines, but one which complements and enriches them.” Convivialist movement

“Human ethics and responsibility, as well as psycho-social well-being, depend on social coherence derived from complementary actions and roles in society. The creation of a ‘complete’ citizen of the world, one embracing complementarity, will trigger the emergence of solidarity and a ‘convivial society.’ This will unite the individual and collective consciousness, creating a fully participatory and engaged citizenry. “- Adana Mam Legros

100cm x 150cm | Matt Litho Photographic Paper


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